Out with the Old, In with the New

In 2016 we saw lots of white rooms, Edison Bulbs and sharp edges, all of which transformed homes into gorgeous masterpieces. BUT 2017 has something all new in-store for us. The 2017 home is one of cheery colors, mixed textures and bold statements. Continue reading to get the scoop on what’s in and what’s out in Interior Design for 2017!

In with the New


The Pantone 2017 Color of the year is nothing short of cheery. The color “Greenery” is meant to represent refreshment, rejuvenation and rebirth according to the Pantone Color Institute. “This shade of green is different from what we’ve ever done as color of the year before,” says Eiseman. “We love that feeling of newness, of realigning yourself and revitalizing yourself. A really important aspect is that the color has vibrancy and a little bit of brightness.” (source: Elle Décor)

greenery greenery 2

Image credit Alyssa Rosenheck


Texture and mixed materials is another trend for 2017. New York designer Starrett Ringbom is seeing more “tassels and trims as rich, louche interiors make a comeback.” Other elements this wave brings: Chinoiserie, ornate historic motifs, florals, organic patterns and the handmade. Dallas designer Michelle Nussbaumer pointed to the worldliness of new interiors: “I’m seeing a mix of cultures, objects and travel finds coming together.” (Source: WSJ)

texture 2 texture

(Image credit: David Cleveland) (Image credit: James Merrell)


If you loved the marble and brass combination in 2016, never fear because this will continue to be a trend in 2017. Expect to see marble in kitchens, baths and accessories.

marble 2 Marble_ErinGatesAddition-12copyA

Photo Sarah Winchester


This next trend definitely isn’t new but it’s being revitalized in 2017. Designers are now looking toward artisanal items that are unique and require a high level of skill.  Interior designer, Beth Diana Smiths says, “People will be going back to furniture that is more of an investment—furniture that is very well-made.” (Source: Vogue)


Article on modern furniture and accessories designers Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Almada's stylish Brussels family home, interior shot of dining room leading into salon / living room, glass-table with metal tree trunk and branches as support, various and colourful chairs, art by Aldo Chaparro

Out with the Old

All White Rooms

The all white room of 2016 is now being replaced with new modern, moody colors like forest green and navy blue. We are adding a bit of warmth and freshness to the formerly modern white room.


all white


white room- moody modern

image: bedroom via lonny mag image: interiorsecrets.com.au.

Industrial Décor

You can kiss the industrial look goodbye this year, as the old-fashioned hanging bulbs are out. “Instead, try retro lighting that speaks to you and fits with your home décor theme.” (Source: Elle Décor)




industrial- retro


Sharp Edges

The 2017 home is all about comfort as we say goodbye to boxy, sharp edges. Instead go for rounded edges and circular furniture that gives you a feeling of calmness and relaxation!





moody modern

Get the 2017 trends at Providence Interiors

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A Providence Interiors Mother’s Day

A Providence Interiors Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we thought you all might enjoy a few gift ideas. This is, of course, in addition to the handmade cards, fresh cut flowers and brunch or breakfast in bed!


  1. Sheena Lamp- $838 at Providence Interiors
  2. Teck H10 Purple Candle by Alixx- $61 at Providence Interiors
  3. Louisa Necklace | Light Green Jasper by Ever Alice Studio- $185 at Providence Interiors
  4. Never Lose Heart by Connie Smith– $14.99 at Providence Interiors
  5. Golden Strand Vase- $80 and Linen Flower Vase $45 by Handmade Studio
  6. Paige Tray- $248 at Providence Interiors
  7. Exuberance Aqua 22×22 Pillow- $325 at Providence Interiors

Get more Mother’s Day gift ideas at our showroom at 2209 Bandywood Dr., Nashville, TN 37215. Not local? Check us out on Facebook and Instagram (@providenceinteriors).

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers in the world!

Spring Floral

Spring Floral

Tennessee Springs- Truly one of the prettiest seasons in this gorgeous Southern state. There is nothing like driving around the country side seeing the dogwoods in bloom and the wildflowers all awry.

With all the beauty outdoors, its no wonder southern women love to bring the floral indoors. Whether it’s captured in the textiles or the accents, adding a touch of floral it the perfect way to bring the Spring indoors.

Here at Providence Interiors, we have been known to add a touch of floral through accent pillows, drapery and even a head board. We also love placing gorgeous floral arrangements on a coffee table or dining table…sometimes we even use faux flower arrangements (shh don’t tell anyone).

IMG_6507 IMG_6538 IMG_6704

When using faux floral arrangements remember to keep in mind the following four rules:IMG_6621

  1. Select arrangements that look natural…and REAL! (A favorite of ours are faux succulents)
  2. Use actual pots and planters. (Don’t be afraid to take your faux floral out of it’s original pot)
  3. Rearrange and place your arrangements in different areas of the room. (so that your guests are noticing the same arrangement week after week)
  4. Keep your arrangements clean and dust them often!

If faux floral just isn’t your thing, then take advantage of the beauty of real flowers. Here a few tips that we keep in mind when creating REAL floral arrangements.

March Blog Post 5 March Blog Post 4 March Blog Post 2

  • Create dimension with branches and tall blooms to create an elegant, polished floral arrangement. (Houzz Inspiration: http://bit.ly/1TRbkfF)
  • Place a small jar with water and flowers in the center of a larger vase and hide the smaller container with fruit to create the ultimate summer arrangement. (Houzz Inspiration: http://bit.ly/1pwrChy)
  • Try lining up a series of small square containers down the center of your dining table, filled with short-cut blooms stuck into floral foam for longevity.” (Houzz Inspiration: http://bit.ly/1RoOKo7)
  • “If your flowers are all still at an early stage in their season, you can still snip off the odd bloom to create a cute display without leaving your plant barren. Pop single flowers into individual small bottles or vases. Dot them throughout your home or group them together for added impact. (Houzz Inspiration: http://bit.ly/22nUiKZ)
For more floral Inspiration, check out our Fantastic Floral Pinterest Board!
Rose Quartz & Serenity

Rose Quartz & Serenity

For the first time ever, Pantone has chosen the blending of 2 shades, Rose Quartz and Serenity as the PANTONE Color of the Year 2016.


Eiseman’s description of the colors gives you quite the perception of this unique color combination.

blush serenity blog post

But even more than the perceptions is the symbolism behind the colors. “Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.”

bfdc0c8d2b477e19b4d41e4c50368873 67d58a7f9a6d86bd25a0430bd13173f6 2942bfa00d8c615b4b2dbb2bbbed673a b816bcb72718e358c916eea39e0ecb83 dab46d39bea26cc0eb781c0c0605ad99

This color combination looks excellent in all finishes and can easily be joined with greens, purples, rich browns, yellow and pink.

8ae68663427a6719e0dd97ea2de29c30 11aaf8ae2ffcf63fdb842aeee6065476

For an added statement, combine rose quartz & serenity with silver and hot brights.

Tell us, what are your thoughts on the Rose Quartz & Serenity Combination?

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Christmas in Silver, Bronze and Gold

Christmas in Silver, Bronze and Gold

We are firm believers of the saying, “all that glitters is gold”- and silver and bronze. (Ok, so we added a few colors!) Christmas décor doesn’t just have to be confined to red and green. For a more regal and elegant Christmas theme, we turn to silver, bronze and gold! Using these colors in your holiday décor is the perfect way to sprinkle your season with holiday sparkle while still keeping the season sophisticated and modern!

Christmas in Copper_tablePlay off the tones of other metallic accessories, like the coffee table. Combine your everyday tray or bronze accent piece with your holiday accents.


Christmas in Copper_Coffee TableDon’t be afraid to use cream and beige in your décor. Accents of bronze and gold blend perfectly with lighter colored rooms.


Christmas in Copper_Mercury GlassAdd extra shimmer to your home with a assorted grouping of mercury glass vases.

“Colors that are festive without being exclusive to one season are a great way to ensure your decorating accents remain transitional from month to month.” www.bhg.com

Items are available in store, email us at info@providenceinteriors.com or give us a call at 615.873.1372